Sustainable Agricultural Production

CNFA Europe harnesses a private sector driven and value chain approach to promote sustainable agricultural practices. We provide the assistance producers need to make their agricultural operations more economically viable so they can reach a sustainable level of production to satisfy their family and community food and fibre needs. Our extensive experience in supplying high-level expertise in the production of staple crops, high-value horticultural and other cash crops in a range of tropical and temperate environments enables and motivates large numbers of small-scale producers to reach higher yields and better quality of marketed products —while creating new jobs and employment opportunities. By lending our expertise to their operations, we also help producers cultivate crops that are more nutritious, resulting in a higher quality diet and life for farm families and surrounding populations.

Our priorities in fulfilling this commitment are clear. We:

  • Conduct on-the-ground research and integrate local knowledge into our programme design;
  • Recognize cultural and geographic differences to ensure that our approach is flexible and applicable to all contexts;
  • Conserve, protect and enhance human and natural resources;
  • Take into account the effects of climate change; and
  • Introduce and use appropriate technology.

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