Strengthening Livelihoods

Through a holistic and localized approach, CNFA Europe strengthens livelihoods by improving agricultural production, helping smallholder farmers engage in new and existing markets, developing household assets, and increasing the resiliency of vulnerable households. We employ a unique “push-pull” strategy that moves vulnerable, subsistence farming households into commercially oriented, market-led agriculture.

Our “push” approach includes strengthening smallholder farmers’ productivity, and by training them in areas such as best agricultural practices, integrated pest management, farming as a business, and record keeping.

Our “pull” approach focuses on engaging producers in markets by building links between various members of the value chain such as input retailers, financial service providers, and traders.

We develop and support household assets through participant engagement in activities such as grants and vouchers, and training for village savings and lending. Complementing these efforts, we also help create and build, when needed, farmer-based organizations to empower thousands of smallholders by uniting them under one voice to improve their bargaining power and obtain collective services, while reducing their cost of transaction.

Throughout all CNFA Europe programme activities, we always maintain a focus on environmental sustainability and stewardship. Together, these measures reduce household vulnerabilities, increase resilience to economic and environmental shocks, and improve livelihoods.

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