Economic Resilience and Recovery

Both natural and man-made shocks in the form of drought, flooding, climate change, financial crises, war, food price volatility, and more continue to persist and in some cases have increased in frequency in recent years.  By developing interventions and layered resilience systems such as disaster risk reduction plans, CNFA Europe helps accelerate recovery, reduce donor dependency, and prepare communities in at-risk areas to be economically resilient and self-sustaining before a crisis.

Additionally we employ the utilization of matching enterprise grants, voucher initiatives, pastoral marketing clusters, village savings and loans groups and technical training as well as community and development assistance to best limit the damage from these disasters and help affected areas recover from them more quickly.

We are committed to easing human suffering, help communities withstand shock and improve lives for those most vulnerable to persistent disasters.  CNFA Europe views economic resilience as a way to not only protect individuals at the household, community, regional and national level and from both natural and man-made shocks, but also means to build the capacity of these individuals to transform and improve their lives after disasters.

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