Market Systems Analysis Lays Groundwork for Public-Private Partnerships in Malawi


CNFA Europe partnered with GOAL Ireland to conduct a detailed market systems analysis in the Central and Southern Regions of Malawi. The results will be used to help inform GOAL’s strategic plan for Malawi, as well as its future activity development. The analysis was performed in late 2016 by CNFA Europe experts with specific technical expertise in private sector development and the formation of  public-private partnerships.

Agriculture is the dominant sector in Malawi’s economy, with approximately 85 percent of the nation’s population engaged in subsistence farming of crops such as maize, cassava, rice, sorghum, millet, and pulses. Currently, the subsistence nature of this farming constrains farmers’ economies of scale, makes the quantity and quality of produce unattractive to agro-dealers, and limits farmers’ profits. This market analysis sought to explore more in depth the potential impact of better organizing farmers; providing access to high-quality inputs, training, information and financial services; and supporting agri- and livestock businesses with technical assistance and access to financial services to improve business profitability and inclusion of smallholder farmers.