We are a proud Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer and are supportive of family, wellness, and a healthy work-life balance.

CNFA Europe’s staff is the most significant driver in pursuing our mission to stimulate economic growth and improve livelihoods by cultivating entrepreneurship. We champion the entrepreneurial spirit at all levels and embrace the notion that bold development solutions can come from singular, sometimes unexpected sources. Recognizing this is inherent in our DNA. We are not only development experts but are also experienced business owners, agronomists, and farmers. This collective knowledge shapes and informs our work. But what truly sets our staff apart is their passion and commitment to help those we work with – smallholder farmers, entrepreneurs, women, children, and youth.

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“After spending 10 years in international development I can say without a doubt that the most exciting part of my job is when I see one of the entrepreneurs that we have supported grow their start-up business to a commercially viable company. There is a moment when you realize that work you have done years ago worked. All efforts and energy that you and your team have invested led to the solid foundation for further growth and development of these hardworking women and men. There is no better motivation than realizing that your work can bring extraordinary changes in these peoples’ lives.”

- Bauka Namicheishvili, Chief of Party USAID Restoring Efficiency to Agriculture Production

“I grew up in a developing country (the Philippines) and I could see how fortunate I was compared to many others around me. That made me determined to do my part in improving other people’s lives so that they could also have a chance at having the same opportunities that I did.”

- Zarreen Baqir, Program Officer

“When I was in high school in Nevada I used to see commercials for different development organizations raising money for their cause and I saw people from Africa and Asia who had nothing. I grew up with some things, it was enough, and I wanted to make sure other people had at least enough to get through another day. My grandfather wondered why I was “wasting my time” when I left for Peace Corps. But seven years later just before I went away on a four-year stint to southern Africa he said he was proud of me and was happy with my career choice.”

- Steve Jacobson, Program Officer

“Google introduced me to international development. Despite degrees in foreign language and biology, I wasn’t really sure how the two would mix. Internet research put me on to international agriculture – but, after receiving a degree in plant breeding, it still wasn’t entirely easy to break into international development. CNFA gave me that chance by hiring me as a project officer for West Africa, back in 2007. Since then, I have enjoyed a truly satisfying career on projects in Africa and Asia, hopefully, with more to come.”

- Alexis Ellicott, Chief of Party USAID Agro-Inputs Project

“There is no distinction between work and the rest of my life, between my interests and my scope of work. The bonds that are formed working together with my colleagues in intense situations are very powerful, and friendships formed over my period working at CNFA are long lasting. There are very few other careers that give you such an opportunity to experience different countries than the work we do. I experience things that no one else will see, some of them are fascinating and challenging at the same time.”

- Val Crasnitchi, Senior Finance Management Officer

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